Birthday Party Information
The initial package is for 11 guests and the birthday person.  The
package for a total of 12 includes admission and regular skate rental.  
Speed skates and in-line skates are extra.  There are 3 different
packages, ice cream, pizza or the deluxe.  The deluxe package gets you
both ice cream, pizza and a small soda, which the soda comes with any of
the packages.  As a bonus, the birthday child can choose a favorite song
to be played and will receive 1 free admission pass with the ice cream or
pizza package or 2 free admission passes with the deluxe package.  The
packages can be scheduled for any open session.  Depending on the
number of guest attending your party, you may want to book a double
party or pay for each additional guest.  The person in charge of the
party may enter the building on the day of the party 10-15 minutes
before the skating session to pick up the tickets and to find out the
location of your party table.  You may bring balloons, tablecloths, cake
or any other type of baked goods
and light snacks.  But please do not
bring your own ice cream, extra soda.  These items are either included
in the package or can be purchased from the snack bar.  
For extra soda,
we sell pitchers of soda for $3.00 a pitcher.  
Also available is tubs of
Middleswarth chips,  extra pizza and fresh popped popcorn and a wide
variety of "glow" and novelty items for party favors.  Guests must wait
outside until the skating session begins.  When the front door is
unlocked, they enter with their party ticket.  They will receive a skate
token at this time for skate rental.  Please inform your guests of this,
particularly during the cold winter months or in case of inclement
weather.  If you feel you need to pick up your tickets before the day of
the party, you may but you must pay for the initial package at that
time.  Please note that these parties are primarily for young children
and teens.  Should you with to include adults, you must give them a
ticket or tell the ticket person you need for an additional guest.  
Otherwise, any adult who wishes to skate will be charged admission as
they enter the building.  Adults who are not skating do not need to pay

Since there may be several parties being held during the same session,
please realize we serve the food in accordance with the order that the
parties are scheduled.  Some parties will be served in the early part of
the session, while others may be announced later in the day.  Please plan
your party accordingly.  If you are last on the list, it's possible you may
want to open gifts first.  Our snack attendants strive to serve everyone
just as quickly as possible.
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Birthday Area 1
Birthday Area 2
Open Sessions For Birthday Parties               Ice Cream or Pizza Package               Deluxe Package (Both)

Saturday Morning - 10 to 12 Noon                                $95.00                                        $115.00
Wednesday Eve - 6:30 to 9
Additional Guests (Each)                                                $8.00                                         $9.50

Sat. & Sun. Afternoon - 1 to 4                                        $120.00                                      $140.00
Additional Guests (Each)                                                $10.00                                        $11.75

Fri. & Sat. Evenings - 6:30 to 9                                      $135.00                                      $155.00
Additional Guests (Each)                                                $11.25                                        $13.00
Sorry, we do not accept credit
cards.  Only cash, checks or
money orders.
During summer months, Saturday morning and Sunday
afternoons are discontinued and resume in September.
For further information, please call 570-743-6060
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