Private Party Information
The ENTIRE Building Is Yours!
Private parties can be booked for Tuesday or Thursday during the week
with your choice of hours.
For the weekend, Sunday afternoon from 4:30pm - 7pm (2 1/2 hour) or
Saturday afternoon from 4:15pm - 6:15 pm (2 hour).
If you want a late night private party skate, you can book it for Friday
night only after 9:30pm.
Also available, but not regularly scheduled, are early parties from 4pm -
6pm Wednesday or Friday.
Skate rental is extra.  A $1.50 for a pair of regular skates with sizes from a juvenile 8 to a 13
adult.  Speed skates are a $2.50 with limited sizes available. Inline skates are $3.50 with
limited sizes available.  Skate rental fee is collected at the entrance or if you as the person in
charge of the party want to pay for all rentals, then we can do a tally for skate rental.
    DISK JOCKEY      
There is a DJ supplied for your party.  You may not bring your own.  
However, you may bring your own music or give us a list of songs.
The snack bar will be open.  You may
bring a cake
, cupcakes and light snacks.
But if soda, ice cream or major food items
are brought,
we'll charge an extra
$60.00.  We also serve ice cream.
Other Information About Private Parties
You may either sell tickets in advance, collect money at the door,
or have it open to your group such as for a birthday or anniversary party.  
SORRY, black toe stops or black inline brakes are not permitted.
     Private Party Rental Cost    
Rental is based on the number of skaters attending your party.
             2 Hour Party                                                                       2 1/2 Hour Party          
$255.00 for 50 skaters or less                                              $275.00 for 50 skaters or less
$225.00 for 50 to 100 skaters                                               $250.00 for 50 to 100 skaters
$200.00 for 100 or more skaters                                          $225.00 for 100 or more skaters
A deposit must be made upon booking and is required by mail or in person or we will assume your party
is canceled.  However, should you fail to get a deposit to us before the designated time, a one time  
courtesy call will be made to remind you.  If you then do not respond back within 3 days, we will remove
your reservation from the books.  Amount of deposit required:
$100.00 for a 2 1/2 hour session
$75.00 for a 2 hour session
Balance due on the day of your party prior to the end of it.
***** Deposits Are Non-Refundable *****
Sorry, we do not accept credit
cards.  Only cash, checks or
money orders.
For further information, please call 570-743-6060
Private & Birthday Parties
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